Human-Machine Systems

Black River Systems has brought Modeling and Simulation to life using multiple visualization tools in SEAMS. Our engineers have used a variety of 2-D and 3-D visualization programs such as MOVINT Client, Google Earth, and Worldwind for displaying simulated scenarios as well as real-world data collections. Black River Systems has used three-dimensional virtual engines to produce high-detail environments for realistic sensor modeling, including image/video rendering.

We use these user interfaces to simulate analyst environments and to test applications that include human interaction and control. We have created an Analyst Testbed that aims to assess analyst effectiveness and performance through controlled and extensible experiments. Through a kit based approach, focusing on analysis, research and experimentation, Black River Systems develops applications to assist with the assessment of human-centered automation tasks.

Often our programs include trusted autonomy through machine intelligence and adaptive user interfaces, which increases analyst efficiency as well as the quality of the analyst’s product.